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Giraffe Pattern 100% Wool Slippers

Size: 38
  • These felted of 100% wool slippers for women are made from natural high quality Merino wool fibres. Made using wet felted technology, when wool and other decorative fibers are felted together with warm water and soap. Product is made from pure wool and no synthetic materials were added. Slippers are warm, light weight, very comfy and breathable. The sleepers have a leather soles that make slippers not slippery and allows a longer wear. Slippers can be wiped by hand with warm soapy water up to 30°C or 86 F. Gently rub the surface with soapy water and after clean with wet cloth, dry gently pressing with towel and reshape with hands positioning them on your feet and let them dry in well ventilated area. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions. This Home Slippers only one of kind design in size 38. If you like to purchase similar design, please send me email with your fit size.

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