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100% WOOL & ECO PRINT CUSHION COVER. "Green Shetland No1".

"Green Shetland No1". 100% Wool & Eco Print Cushion Cover.

  • 100% WOOL & ECO PRINT CUSHION COVER "Green Shetland No1".

    This Cushion cover was handmade of 100% merino wool and decorated with variety Gotlan & Shetland Type Fleece, Silk, Viscose and other natural Fibres on the front.

    Back of this Decorative Cushion made from 100% Cotton with Botanical Print design made of natural leaves and natural dyes hand printed with special technology. It has invisible Zip closure.

    Only ecological and environmentally friendly techniques were used to produce this artistically decorative item for any home design. Size is 45cm by 44cm.

    It can be easily cleaned with lightly soapy cool water, wiped with damped clean cloth and left to dry in well ventilated area.

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